1. Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times on the range.

  2. Range officers must be obeyed at all times.

  3. All firearms must be cased except in a shooting booth. There will be no carrying of uncased firearms behind the firing line. A holster is considered a case.

  4. All firearms must be kept unloaded except at the firing line in a booth. If a concealed carry firearm is brought onto the range, it must be unholstered only while on the firing line in a booth.

  5. Only production straight wall pistol cartridges are permitted, with the exception of certain production bottle necked pistol cartridges, such as .357 Sig and .400 Corbon, also being permitted. No shot shells.

  6. Anything .44 Mag and over caliber must use lanes 15 and 16, or the rifle range.

  7. No steel or hard metal covered covered bullets allowed, i.e. armor piercing.

  8. Food and drink are allowed on the range at your own risk.

  9. A shooter must have a minimum height at the shoulders of 40 inches.

  10. Firearm muzzles must be kept pointed downrange at all times.

  11. Do not remove a malfunctioning firearm with a chambered round from the shooting booth, call a range officer for assistance.

  12. Anyone violating the above rules will be subject to dismissal from the range.